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The Catamaran Cruise will let you enjoy the best views of the  Costa Brava, sailing along the coves of the authentic "wild Coast" between Lloret de Mar and St Feliu.​

Food & Drinks

On the Catamaran Cruise you can enjoy our buffet bar with a large amount of drinks and food. Freshly cooked hamburgers with a lot of different supplements, hot dogs and tunefish salad.. 

Having a good time is our priority, that's why, our catamaran has a lot of  water activities, there is nothing better then having a great time with your friends jumping from the top of the boat,  down the waterslide, jump on our trampoline, or just  relax with a cold beer in the water. If you feel like seeing the sealife  of the Mediterranean , you only have to take a snorkeling equipment. available on board.

Water Activities

On our excursion you will be looked after by professional entertainers, they will make you spend a great time with their games and their animation during the trip. making sure your stay with us will be unforgettable. Along with the discjokey on board you will have a great party.

Entertainment, Games & Party

Our special is the" Sunset Cruise" ! It starts in the afternoon with food, drinks, entertainment, deejay, all the water facilities included, and we won´t come back untill we ´ve seen the stunning Costa Brava Sunset.

Travel Agencies

Many tour operators  offer our excursion.  Here´s a Pick of official agencies where you can book  The Catamarán Cruise

Abi tours, Abi4Life, AbiReisen, Abi2, Alegret, Pekin tours D-Aventura, Exit, Amigo tours, Aida, Alpetour, Alvitour, Beter Uit, General tours, Donell, Boosten, BDK, Blue Sail, BeachMasters, Gogo tours, Sunweb, Totaly, Dreamizz, Demediteraning, De Jong, Emile Weber, Fun Reisen, Mango Tours,Jam Reisen, Ruf Reisen, Max Tours, Macuvi, Sehrs, Tui, Ibero, Flowtrack, Footbal & music, Gotours, Jongerentravel, Summer Bash, Traveltec, Geo Hollidays, Horizonte, Kishreyteufa, Monolit, Marti Reisen, Jungle Travel, Pekin tours, Laietana, Hotelbeds, Mes Travels, Summerbreak, Playa i Fiesta, Soul Village, Viajes Fenals, Side Tours, Sweetime,  Outgoing, SportsVest, Rapsody, VTR, TTT, World 2 Meet, Symar, Lemonade and many, many others.

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